Friday, December 4, 2009

Sounds of the Season

Last night we attended Hannah's Christmas strings concert. This is the second year that she has been in the program. We are thrilled that she is learning to read music, because that is a skill that she can carry into her adult life. We are proud of you Hannah! Your practice paid off!

Do you know the difference in the violin and the fiddle?
The violin has strings and the fiddle has strangs!

Ya'll have a blessed weekend!
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  1. Hi Vonda:
    I just hopped over from A LITTLE LOVELINESS, which I check regularly. Melissa is so talented. I love your photos of the concert. We also just went to our 10 year old grandson's concert and it was so neat to see this sports minded athletic boy making noises with the violin that are beginning to sound like 'music'! So good for them.
    Loved your page, and any girl who loves Sonic cherry limeade is already a friend of mine!

  2. That is great for Hannah! I know with Mikayla learning to play the piano it has been exciting to watch and listen to her. :)