Saturday, July 3, 2010

Roughin It Part 2

Tomorrow I will be leaving for a week of church camp. The above pictures are scenes from last year's camp. What a wonderful week of fun and spiritual renewal. Last year I was a first time camper. Yes, I was deprived as a child and never went to summer camp! This year I will be a counselor in a cabin full of first timers. There will be nine girls that will be entering 5th grade. Please pray that it will be a fun week for all of us and that I can be the example that I need to be and a mom to these girls when they are missing theirs. I pray that God will be glorified this week and that we are drawn closer to Him and to each other.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Roughin It

Every summer we say we want to go camping and then somehow time gets away from us. There are always camps, vacations, ballgames, work and too many other things that consume our short summer months. This year we FINALLY did it. We hadn't been camping in so long that Hannah doesn't even remember the last time. SO SAD! It was a short stay but I hope this trip will be a long term deposit in her memory bank. We went to a state park that is less than an hour from where we live. We dined on hobo dinners from the grill and of course we had smores for dessert. It's not camping if you don't have smores! We had so much fun just getting away for a little while that we hope to make it a more frequent occurrence. I do love all the modern conveniences of home (and a nice hotel), but it is also nice to fall asleep to the crickets' lullaby and awaken to singing birds!
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