Monday, January 18, 2010

Snow Much Fun

Earlier this month we got to enjoy some snow days. We were so busy during Christmas break that it was nice to have a few days to just relax at home. Winter weather is not so desirable if I'm the one driving on the slick roads, but this time I had no where to go. My kitchen was stocked with the essentials (plenty of hot cocoa and comfort foods) so I was like a child eagerly awaiting the possibility of some winter accumulation. Hannah thinks that when there is snow in the forecast that if you wear your pajamas inside out you will be certain to wake up to a winter wonderland. I wouldn't call what we had a winter wonderland, but it was more than a dusting, so we'll just say that the pj's came through this time! It's a good thing that I wore my inside out pajamas nearly all day or there might not have been enough snow for a snow angel. (Just had to do my part for the cause). We had SNOW MUCH FUN! I hope y'all have had a chance to have some cold weather fun!
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