Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Birthday Bash 2009

Each year I find great joy in planning Hannah's birthday party. It takes a lot of energy, but I try to channel my inner Martha Stewart and see what happens. Having Melissa Lester for a BFF is also a plus. She is the birthday party guru! Check out her children's parties at A Little Loveliness. She throws celebrations that are nothing short of spectacular!

Hannah and I usually start the planning with a theme. This year we combined her birthday party with the second annual evening of carolling with her friends. In the past I have tried desperately to keep her birthday totally seperate from holiday celebrations. I feel bad for those of you who were born in December or January. Just so you know I will never wrap your birthday gift in red or green! Your welcome! Hannah assured me that she was okay with having a party with a little Christmas flare. So we rolled with the idea.

We started with invitations that were attached to an ornament that we personalized for each girl with a monogrammed sticker. Thanks to Kelly's Korner for that idea! We started the evening with dinner and then an ornament exchange. Next it was time for the girls to warm up their vocal chords for some Christmas carolling. Thanks to all my friends who opened their door to those wild and crazy girls. I hope your little ones enjoyed the show! We ended the evening with the birthday girl opening her gifts and blowing out 11 candles. It was an exhausting but fun night!

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  1. Glad Hannah had such a great birthday. :) I am impressed with your Martha Stewartish self. I've just not got that gene. LOL

  2. Everything looked so cute and festive! What a great party. I love the cake, too!

  3. LOVE the pictures! The decorations were beautiful! And that pink/lime green/white wrapping paper from Christmas Village makes me the happiest! :) The people I gave gifts to wrapped in that LOVED it!