Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heads Up!

Have y'all ever eaten at Lambert's, the home of the throwed roll? If you haven't it needs to go on your list of things to do. We ate at the one in Foley, Alabama near Gulf Shores last summer. (Since I wasn't blogging then, I have some catching up to do!)This is one of those dining establishments that if you leave hungry it's your own fault. The portions are ENORMOUS! There is a catch(literally) to eating at Lambert's. To take part in one of those fluffy, delicious risen dough balls of goodness you have to get the attention of one of the roll throwers and catch your roll. It's a good thing that I played a good bit of softball in my day, cause I like me some bread!
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  1. That is so funny!! Not sure I'd be any good at catching... tried playing softball my senior year and quit the team after 3 weeks because I was so bad. lol :)