Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goodbye 5th Grade

We have been out of school for several weeks and I am just getting around to blogging about the end of the year. (I realize my blog follows a random time line. That's just how my mind works.) This school year started out a little rough (okay now that I think back, a lot rough), but we made it! Hannah had to go to a new school, due to redistricting, after only being at her previous school for one year. She was devastated! She made some wonderful new friends and none of them were going to the new school with her. I tried to encourage her with the positives. 1. She would make new friends and still have her old friends. 2. They will all be back together for middle school. 3. In middle school she will have an abundance of friends from attending two elementary schools. Those things were hard for her to see those first few weeks of school. She cried a lot and said that she is just tired of always being the new kid. (This school makes her 4th elementary school). Through lots of tears (hers and mine) and prayer things improved after a few weeks. She may not realize it yet but this experience has made her a stronger individual and has been preparation for other things in the future.

Hannah really had a good 5th grade year. She excelled in academics and she made some new friends (I knew her mother was right)! The pictures above were taken at the end of the year party. I love to see that smile on her face!
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  1. So glad she had a great year. Challenges do make us stronger! :)