Monday, February 22, 2010

Crop For The Cure

Yes, friends, I have a new hobby. Actually, it isn't really new, I've just recently decided to put all the scrapbooking tools to use that I have collected over time. Years ago I bought some supplies and hoped to preserve our family memories for future generations, but I didn't have the passion to stick with it. I think now I have the bug out of regret. Hannah is 11 now and I am WAAAAY behind. I could get really bogged down with all the years that I have to catch up on, but I am just going to start with recent events and then eventually work my way back.

Last weekend I went to an all day scrapbooking event called Crop for the Cure. It was a great opportunity to spend the day with good friends and support a great cause. My scrapbook buddies, Joanna and Terri, were so sweet to share their gadgets with me. These women are serious scrappers! They know all the tricks and have every tool imaginable! They are sure that my meager rolling bag and photo box are going to multiply into all sorts of essentials for my scrapbook needs. Next year I could quite possibly need Two Men and a Truck to move my things to our table. I really enjoy being creative and crafty, but there are some other things to be gained from this new hobby of mine. First, all of our family memories will be preserved. Second, friendships are being strengthened by spending time together. Thanks ladies, I really enjoyed spending time with you. I'm thinking I may have to do a scrapbook of scrapbookers!
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  1. That is great! I have fallen a year and half behind and it bugs me, but I'll get going again. Enjoy each moment as you walk down memory lane!!! :)